The Ambassadors

The Ambassadors Sound & Music team is a collective of sound designers, producers and music composers. We work alongside our clients, sharing ideas from initial concept to composition and production. We understand the role that sound and music plays in creating mood and emotion. Our scores vary from epic and orchestral, to personal and subdued. As well as musical scores, we also specialise in sound design. This is the creating, recording or manipulation of sound elements, such as effects, live sound and music, to realise inspiring soundtracks for the moving picture. Whether your projects needs volume or silence, barking dogs or birdsong, our team can create the perfect soundtrack for your film.

Eend was created by advertising agency Doom and Dickson for OHRA, produced by Czar and directed by Jeroen Annokkee. Edit by Marc Bechtold. The cinematography was done by Rutger Storm, shot on 35mm. Graded by Brian Krijgsman