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Bluetooth Ipad app for KLM

How do you control an Ipad app without touching the screen?

This was the challenge the Ambassadors Lab faced when creating an iPad application for KLM, commissioned by DDB Amsterdam. The Lab created a custom bluetooth module which was built into fifteen columns to be placed around the world.

Initially DDB asked the Lab to develop an iPad application that could play a short film. The iPad would be built into a column, using what is called a HoloSlide and had to be controlled by a physical button. It developed into an iPad application that could play up to 55 films and could be controlled with eleven wireless buttons.

The challenge was to control the application using real buttons, as the iPad was build in and touching the screen was not an option. So the Lab developed a small bluetooth module that could transmit button presses wirelessly to the application.

The application starts as soon as one of the buttons is pressed or the power is turned on.¬†Another challenge was to put the iPad into sleep modus when the power was shut off. This turned out to be more difficult than expected, but eventually the Lab was able to escape Apple’s tight grip to pull it of.

In the end we built fifteen bluetooth modules (including the buttons), and we delivered eighteen iPads with the specially deleveloped application.