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Lead Flame Artist and Junior Artist.

There is currently a requirement for a talented Lead Flame Artist and Junior Artist, and whilst we are ideally looking for candidates for long-term roles, shorter term freelancers will also be considered.

We are looking for an experienced, technically strong, creative VFX artist able to lead projects and work closely with clients, directors and other VFX artists.

Desired Skills and Experience

Skills & Experience:

  • Very experienced in all aspects of compositing, from green screen to 3D comp
  • Be visually creative and organised with an excellent knowledge of visual effects techniques
  • Pro-active and an excellent communicator
  • Client friendly – able to engage with directors and agency creatives from initial meetings through to final delivery
  • Capable of nurturing junior artists
  • On-set supervision – experience in the supervision of a shoot for all VFX requirements
  • An excellent and complete knowledge of Autodesk Flame.

To be considered please send your CV/Resume and a link to your reel to