The Ambassadors


Fritz Kok

November 2010 – February 2011 4th floor

Born in Amsterdam, Fritz Kok emerged as a Collage Artist in the mid-eighties, and whilst working in London, produced iconic images under the name Indüstria. The images surfaced in style magazines such as The Face, Interview and Manipulator. After working in the house of fashion designer Thierry Mugler, Fritz picked up a camera himself, and by the mid-nineties had become known for creating a futuristic language of beauty imagery. His work combines elements from 40s cinema, science fiction and classic Vogue beauty adverts. His portraits of ‘Danger Divas’, walk that fine line between exclusive kitsch and timeless beauty.

His work has appeared in international magazines such as V, Cream, Spoon and Madame, as well as numerous advertising campaigns. His art series has been exhibited in galleries in Amsterdam, London, Rome and Sydney.