The Ambassadors


Arthur Mebius

Almost perfect

Exhibition ‘Jet’, about the pretence of promise in advertising
Photographer Arthur Mebius focuses on the subject of airline advertisements from the ‘60s and ‘70’s – when air travel was glamorous, thrilling and sexy. The photographs combine hyperrealism competing with the artificial. The meticulous set design forms a background for the shots that seems to have been taken a split-second before or after the perfect picture, resulting a tense, displaced moment, best described as ‘uncomfortable’. Back then, airlines would lure in more (male) customers through the promise of unparalleled satisfaction, stewardesses being little more than objects of desire. But while the photographs should say ‘Fly with us and be happy’, the characters’ attempts to be happy is not so convincing. But at least they’re trying.
About Arthur Mebius
Photographer Arthur Mebius (Hilversum, The Netherlands, 1971) studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.
Besides his work for commercial advertising, he is constantly working on personal projects. Among the Jury’s that awarded his work are PANL, AOP, ADCN, Cannes, Epica, New York Photo Awards. Arthur Mebius lives near Amsterdam with his wife and two daughters.
Contact for further information: Arthur Mebius / 00316 5588 5812 /